Truly Custom Commerce



Answers For General Questions

Once you select the “design” button, you’ll be redirected to the designer where your product will be ready. There will usually be a message on the product, to illustrate the area you will have and the controls you will use for your design. Select the “trash” icon at the bottom left corner of the message, and begin your design.

We have a large gallery available in the design area to add to your creation. There are also many design manipulation tools for changing virtually every aspect of your chosen images or text. You may also import your own images. For best results, your imported file should be at least 300 dpi and a size comparable to the individual products printing area.

We have several backgrounds and patterns in the designer gallery. Imported images will be printed as they are added. If your image has a background that you don’t want as part of your finished design, remember to remove it before adding it in the designer.

For a design, you wish to add to your product transparent backgrounds yield the best results, especially when layering several images. For adding an image with a transparent background, be sure to flatten all layers of your image to a transparent background and export/save it as a PNG image file before uploading it to the site.

If you’re having trouble using the designer or manipulating your images, we’re always here to help. We’re always adding new fonts and designs to our designer gallery and text editor. If you have a font you wish to have available or a design you would like to see just let us know.

Your design will be processed within a week. Design changes and cancellations must be communicated immediately, delivery addresses should be changed within 48 hours.

We do our best to ship all items of your order together, there are several shipping options available at checkout. The time it takes to receive your items depends on the shipping method you have chosen and the time of year. Sometimes there’s more “shipping traffic,” this is a factor beyond our control. We ask that your order is placed as early as possible during the holiday season. If there are specific shipping requirements, not available through checkout, send us a message so we may make the arrangements for you.

Our item pricing is for producing a single design on a single product. For multiple copies of the same product, we have various levels of item and shipping discounts available. For non-profits, education, military, group, team, corporate, and enterprise orders, contact us for more information.

While bulk orders do have greater item discounts, they also require different shipping and production time; we ask that you keep this in mind so as to avoid disappointment. We make every effort to get our customers their products as quickly as possible. For rush and bulk orders please notify us if the orders are to be recurring, so that we may accommodate.